BURST / Exhibit
1111 + Bibi Belgica + LheanStorm
10 – 29 November 2018

In “Burst,” Lhean Storm continues her new series of bolder painting approaches where she constantly break old habits. As in real life, her wild paint strokes on canvases signify transitions, growth, and liberation- as she veers away from her usual art styles and build fresh ones. Her previous pieces were obsession of detailed lines and neon colors, while her current works revel in layers and textures on canvases. (Artwork: “In the Garden of Eden”)
For 1111, her pieces in “Burst” is an exploration and expression of her emotions at the time it was created to bring about catharsis. The phrase “bursting at the seams” cannot get any truer as the acrylic on plastic sheet pieces reek of raw emotions that the artist still feels whenever she revisits the pieces. With the ticking sound of a metronome to anchor her and feelings to set the tone of her works, she paints and smears black acrylic paint onto the medium to her heart’s direction. She let her hand dance to the rhythm, both aural and emotional. The resulting seven (7) pieces were a sweet surprise as she discovered the beauty and flow it created despite a bittersweet inspiration- a heartbreak. Most pieces are titled in Italian. 1111 doesn’t speak Italian but she has a knack for putting a layer of obscurity, although thinly at times, to otherwise personal and obvious matters. Google translate will mostly help.
Bibi Belgica: “Combustion happens in everything which exists whether it’s inward, outward, in small spaces, spaces beyond and situations imagined. The flat illustrations and the three dimensional painting techniques on expanded grounds in which they are rendered articulates my concepts of ‘Burst.'”

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